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About Us – International Marine Transport

Mano Maritime Ltd., a member of the Mano Holdings Group, supplies transport services for all kinds of containers and cargoes with a fleet of fast, reliable, state-of-the-art vessels sailing to destinations worldwide. With Mano Maritime, customers can be assured of personalized, reliable, professional and precise service of the highest standards and at competitive prices, for any kind of cargo delivered to any destination in the world:

v All kinds of cargo carriers

v All kinds of container carriers

v Vehicle transport services and fast, reliable Ro-Ro

v Marine transport of refrigerated cargoes

v Transportation of cars and trailers

v Bulk and ore carriers

v Shipping of special and exceptional cargoes in specialist carriers

v Mano Maritime Ltd. is one of the companies responsible for transporting coal to the Israel Electric Corporation's power plants.

Mano Maritime Ltd. and “K” Line – a Winning Team

Mano Maritime Ltd. serves as general agent in Israel for the Japanese shipping giant “K” Line Japan, one of the world's greatest shipping lines, known for its unrivaled excellence and professional service in the world of shipping.

“K” Line Japan was established in 1919 and operates in many areas of shipping, including container lines, car, truck and trailer shipping vessels, bulk, fuel and gas vessels and more. “K” Line has one of the largest fleets in the world, serving hundreds of destinations globally. Through its collaboration with “K” Line Japan, Mano Maritime is able to provide customers with the highest level of solutions available in the world of shipping, for all types of cargoes and containers, at competitive prices, to destinations worldwide.

In addition, Mano Maritime Ltd. serves as sole agent in Israel for shipping lines based in Spain, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, the CIS and other countries. These supplement the “K” Line Japan lines to operate ferry services, general cargoes and other specialist marine transportation, making Mano Maritime Israel's most prominent company in the field of marine transportation.

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