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The Mano Holdings Group, via Mano Maritime Ltd., Mano Holidays Ltd. and Mano Logistics Ltd., offer customers a broad range of services covering international marine transportation, ship management and operation, tourist and port agencies, international logistics service and the largest selection of vacation cruises on offer today to the Israeli public.

The Group's connection and collaboration with a global shipping giant such as “K” Line Japan, as well as, other major shipping and logistics factors around the world, together with Mano Holdings' reputation as a leader in the field in Israel, assure customers of the best possible solutions, at unrivaled prices and the highest standards of reliability and professionalism available in the country.

The Group's activities include:

  • Worldwide marine transportation – , via a fleet of fast, reliable and state-of-the-art vessels, the Group supplies transport services for all types of containers and cargoes, including Ro-Ro, refrigerated cargoes, vehicles and trailers, bulk and fuel, to destinations around the world, including carrying coal to Israel Electric Corporation power stations
  •  Ship management and operation – the Group supplies ship management and operation services in a variety of areas, including passenger liners, cargo ships, bulk, ro-ro and containers, as well as technical and crew management, marine operations, insurance, catering and more. Mano Maritime has close ties with leading ports around the world, and the Company's Technical Department teams, including senior shipping engineers and captains, marine architects, purchasing and insurance personnel, technical clerks, have extensive experience in ship operation and management.
  • Representatives of global shipping giants – Mano Maritime Ltd. serves as general agent in Israel for the Japanese shipping giant “K” Line Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha Ltd. The Company is also sole agent for additional shipping lines based in Spain, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Ukraine and Russia.
  • Tourist and port agency services – the Group supplies the highest level of tourist and agency services to tourists and cruise liners, and their crews, arriving in Israel, by means of independent offices located in all of Israel's ports. The Company serves as Israeli agent for many of the world's largest international companies, thus handling tens of thousands of tourists arriving in Israel yearly by sea and air, and is a member of IATA (International Air Transport Association) and the Israel Travel Agents Association
  • In addition, Mano Holdings Ltd. also runs a network of travel agents countrywide, offering a wide range of tourist services, vacation cruises, flights and shore excursions.
  •  Vacation cruises and marine tourism – Mano Maritime Ltd. is the largest, oldest and most prominent vacation cruise operator in Israel and is responsible for introducing the vacation cruise culture to the country, raising standards of comfort and service anew every year.

Mano Maritime offers the Israeli public a large selection of high quality and family vacation cruises to the most beautiful and fascinating destinations along the Mediterranean Black Sea and western European coasts. Options range from a weekend cruise to 19 days at sea, designed as a perfectly balanced combination of recreation and vacation, including accommodation on our floating hotels and exciting overseas tours.

Mano's luxury passenger liners – the Golden Iris, Royal Iris and The Iris – have defined new standards for Israeli seagoing tourism and are equipped with all possible facilities to ensure maximum enjoyment and comfort on board.

  • Off-shore activities- Mano Maritime has the experience and expertise for supporting off shore activities, this was learned during years of experience in the shipping industry. Mano provides round-the-clock services for off-shore activities, such as:

- Maritime consultancy for gas fields and drilling operators involved in projects in Israel.

- Coordination for off-shore activities with local suppliers and authorities.

- Providing support vessels services for off-shore activities.

- Crew change operation.

- All port agency activates for service vessels and , rig operators from all Israeli ports.

- And so forth.

  • LNG services- Mano Maritime, as agents for “K” Line in Israel, has the capabilities in providing all necessary LNG solutions, transportation, drilling and other relevant solutions.

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