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Cargo And Container Lines

Cargo and container lines

Over 60 years of experience in all areas of marine transportation have made Mano Maritime Ltd., a member of the Mano Holdings Group, one of Israel's leading and most professional transport carriers. Mano Maritime has the capability to offer transport solutions for each and every customer, assuring safe and swift supply to destinations worldwide on a fleet of state-of-the-art, reliable and fast vessels. Further, backed by partnership with the giant “K” Line Japan shipping line, Mano also has the ability to be flexible and adapt to dynamic and competitive market changes in the world of international marine transportation, providing customers with creative solutions customized to their individual requirements, at unrivaled prices.

Mano Maritime Ltd. and “K” Line Japan

Mano Maritime Ltd. serves as general agent in Israel for the Japanese shipping giant “K” Line Japan, one of the world's largest shipping companies, operating a huge fleet of vessels sailing to hundreds of destinations worldwide.

Founded in 1919, “K” Line Japan has become synonymous with a standard of excellence and professionalism second to none. Mano Maritime's partnership with “K” Line also encompasses global subsidiaries, such as:

  •  Century Distribution Systems
  •  “K” Line Logistics (KLL)
  •  “K” Line Air Service
  •  SAL Group

“K” Line Japan and its subsidiaries offer comprehensive solutions in many fields of shipping, including:

  •  Container lines
  • Cars, truck and trailer carrier service
  •  Bulk, fuel and gas carriers
  •  Special and exceptional cargoes in designated vessels
  •  Supply chain management and overall logistical solutions

Door to door delivery

Mano Maritime Ltd.'s partnership with “K” Line Japan and its subsidiaries enables the Company to offer Israeli customers ideal, comprehensive, door-to-door transport service for all types of cargoes. Services include overland transportation, customs release and other logistical solutions, among them all types of containers and refrigeration cargoes, delivered quickly and safely, at competitive prices, anywhere in the world, including Japan, China and other Far Eastern nations, Australia, New Zealand, the Mediterranean, Europe and the American continent.

Ideal transport service

In addition to its collaboration with “K” Line Japan, Mano Maritime Ltd. also serves as sole representative in Israel of shipping lines based in Spain, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, the CIS. The marine transport lines of those companies supplement “K” Line Japan's transport lines with ferry services, general and specialist cargoes, thus providing personalized solutions to Mano Maritime's customers via a comprehensive, optimum transport system capable of reaching any destination in the world safely, securely, quickly and at unrivaled prices.

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