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Mano Maritime Ltd serves as general agent in Israel for the Japanese shipping giant “K” Line Japan, one of the world's greatest shipping lines, known for its unrivaled excellence and professional service in the world of shipping. Leading shipping companies in the transportation of various types of vehicles (including cars, trucks, buses, trailers, etc.), and loads (motor and static). The services include transportation from the United Stated andMexico, Mediterranean Sea (major ports), Black sea, Turkey to the port of Ashdod.

In addition, Mano Maritime is the general agent and exclusive representative of Neptune Lines in Israel. Neptune Lines is a well-established and highly experienced in the field of vehicle transportation with a record of transportation of 600,000 per year. The company provides, mainly, services in the Mediterranean and Black Sea onboard a fleet of modern vessel that provide high quality of service and low damage rate.
The key objectives under those service is to provide a reliable, frequent, and fast service on board modern fleet with advantage of high safety standards. The high level of services provided led Mano Maritime to become a leading player in vehicle transportation in Israel. The company’s clients include the leading car importers in Israel.
The advantage of various and combined services provided by “K” Line and Neptune enables Mano Maritime to offer wide range of services, ports and destinations as well as freight solutions.

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