Mano Holdings

About the Group

About the Group

The Mano Holdings Group is one of the oldest and most prominent in the Israeli economy, operating through its companies Mano Maritime Ltd., Mano Holdings Ltd. in the fields of shipping, recreation and vacation, as well as, additional commercial interests in real estate, technology, communications and other areas.

The Mano Holdings Group was founded by CEO Moshe Mano, but its roots date back to the time prior to the establishment of the State of Israel, when Moshe Mano's father, the late Mordechai Mano, a shipping and financial pioneer in the country, founded and ran Israeli shipping and finance companies as far back as 1945.

High Level Solutions

Throughout its many years of activity, the Mano Holdings Group has consistently set new standards of professionalism, service and reliability in all areas, while continuing to provide customers with a wide range of solutions, at competitive prices, the most exacting standards and precisely customized to each customer's requirements and abilities.

It was Mano Maritime that introduced the vacation cruise culture into Israeli society, a feat accomplished in a single decade, turning seagoing cruises into the Israeli vacationer's preferred choice of overseas trip and making the name of Mano Maritime synonymous with Israeli vacation cruising.

Thanks to a widespread network of contacts, agreements and cooperative ventures with shipping giants around the world, most notably “K” Line Japan, and with global transport and logistics bodies, the Mano Holdings Group operates several fast, reliable and state-of-the-art vessels. This combined force is able to provide a response to a variety of large and complex projects, both in the transportation of all types of cargoes and containers, including refrigerated cargoes, bulk, vehicles and trailers, at the highest standards and at attractive prices, to destinations all over the world, and in the operation of all kinds of vessels, including technical and crew management, maritime operations, insurance, catering and more.

Areas of Activity

The following companies operate under the Mano Holdings umbrella:

· Mano Maritime Ltd.

A range of cruise and cargo liners, owned and/or managed by the Company, offering a wide selection of services, including:

  •  Global marine transport – transport services for all kinds of containers, vehicles, trailers and other cargoes, via a fleet of fast and up-to-date ships.
  •  Ship management and operations – courtesy of the Company's courteous Technical Department team and a widespread network of connections and cooperative ventures with some of the world's leading shipping companies.
  • Representatives of some of the world's largest shipping lines. Mano Maritime serves as general agent in Israel for the Japanese giant “K” Line Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha Ltd., among others.
  • Sole agency – serves as exclusive Israeli agent and representative for various shipping lines based in Spain, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Ukraine and Russia.
  •  Israel's leading vacation cruise operator – Mano Maritime offers a huge selection of vacation cruise options, many suitable for families, to destinations on the Mediterranean and the Black Sea coasts, on the Company's luxury cruise liners: "Golden Iris", "Royal Iris" and "The Iris".
  •  Mano Maritime has a reputation for quality and success, as evidenced by the Company's high number of returning passengers.



  •  Mano Holdings Ltd.

Active and providing service in the following areas:

  •  The highest standards of tourist and agency services for incoming tourists, cruise liners and crews.
  •  Israeli agent for some of the world's largest and most prominent international companies.
  •  Handles tens of thousands of tourists arriving in Israel annually by sea and air.
  •  A network of travel agencies around the country, offering a wide range of tourist, cruise, airline flight and shore excursion services.
  •  Member of several tourist organizations, including IATA, Israel Tourist and Travel Agents Association, Israel Travel Agents Association and others.


  • Mano Logistics Ltd.Supplies a wide range of worldwide logistics services for dry cargoes, containers and general cargoes, individually adapted to the special requirements of exporters and importers.
  •  Bambook Assets Ltd. and Mano Real Estate Ltd.Investments in real estate, enterprise and projects around Israel, with ownership of office and commercial buildings in prominent strategic locations and a new neighborhood under development.
  • Mano Technologies Ltd.
    Investments, enterprise and activity in the technology, communications and high-tech sector.

A Reputation Based on Human Capital

From the earliest days Mano Holdings paid close attention to and invested in the human capital that makes up its professional workforce. The Company's strategic approach has always been to consider quality personnel as a crucial asset in building its reputation for high professional standards and reliability. Within a few brief years, Mano Holdings has grown from being a company employing only a dozen or so employees to a leading player in the field of Israeli shipping and vacation tourism. The organization has made a significant mark on the Israeli economy and currently employs several hundred professionals in a variety of areas, all at the highest level of skill and professionalism. These include: Captains, operations and port workers, ship engineers, purchasing and technical staff, accountants and economists, seamen, computer experts, marketing and administrative personnel, entertainment crews, chefs, waiters and more.

For several years the Group and Mano Maritime Ltd. have been ranked among the top 100 companies in the Israeli economy by Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) and the BDI index.

The Group's head office in Israel is located in Haifa, with additional branches in Ashdod, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Eilat.